East Mojave Desert Project 2004


abandoned house and power pole, Ludlow, CA


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"Let's drive to Vegas..." How many times have you heard it? How many time have you said it? Gas up, hit the road, maybe pop "Born to Be Wild" into the stereo — and then hit bumper-to-bumber traffic on I-15 North near Devore. What to do?

I-15 from Los Angeles County to Las Vegas is the most congested interstate corridor in the United States. Why not reduce the stress and enjoy the vast spectacle of the East Mojave Desert in the process? This web site offers alternatives to the "flat out burn" from Berdoo to Barstow to Baker.

If you're dealing with traffic see "Tours and Detours." If you're planning a trip, take time to explore and enjoy the resources listed here. See you in the desert!

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