TRAXX: Tim Murphy
From zero to blueforce tracking in one week


TRAXX . Program by Tim Murphy

Traxx leverages Google Earth and Google Maps display capacity by generating kml files
concordant with google keyhole format.

Using coms infrastructure, traxx sends back to the autonomechs server the position of computers
outiftted with gps and internet access. This can be deployed in vehicles for live status tracking
as well as condition reports.

The above example image (click for bigger) shows traxx in action from a moving vehicle based
communications terminal (fujitsu 1100 over verizon ev-do) sending back to the server current
position and driver view. Such real time situational awareness displays can be overlaid in mapping software to show location based viewpoint in real time.

Traxx is undergoing constant development to best make use of exisiting developments.
To obtain traxx, please contact Murphy


DocAuth : Field Troubleshooting: birch


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