Vehicle tracking capabililty testing, Washington DC

Developers: steve birch tim murphy

sample neatview display showing five simulated vehicles circling beltway (cfb)

As part of tracking visualisation capabilities demonstration, vehicle position reporting over verizon evdo was accomplished for one vehicle driven around the beltway. Vehicle gps position was recorded and data file duplicated to generate a 5 vehicle test set, as both developers found it impossible to be both driving in 5 vehicles at the same time. Applicability of DC beltway experiment to desert environment was limited, as grand challenge route coverage did not support high bandwidth data transfer, however demonstration of this irrelevant capability was contractually required.

demo neattool control panel (cfb)

To run the demo, download and untar nv-demo.tar directory. Requires neatview and neatools.
Double click 01--config--.demo to start neatview, and load map
Double click 02--georeplay-FIVE.ntl to start neatool data reader ntl file (shown above)
Click on red map button to connect neatool to neatview display
Click red play button to palyback data recording, blue slider controls playback rate per sample from 10 to 1000 milliseconds.
Control ntl has hidden gps control to adjust lat/long for calibration.


At the time of testing, the area marked with a red cross suffered from no connectivity .
(Picture taken and uploaded when connectivty reastablished)



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