aka: Quadpod: 4 person physiologic monitoring computing platform

' Taking an innovative concept from idea to prototype hardware in six months '

Human Performance 2003 - NASA-NIOSH - Peter Merkle PDF
Our Machines, Our Future, Our Selves - Peter Merkle PDF
Mentor-Pal: Sandia webpage
Sandia Awards Meritorious Award | Team Members
Quadpod manual (at Autonomechs)

Plagiarism: whilst it may be considered an honor in Greece to use the work of others without authorization or attribution, the mindtel development team responsible for the quadpod project hereby state for public record that Peopleware (www.peopleware.gr) have never contributed or collaborated in any form with the development of the quadpod.
In particular, the convivio project advertized by peopleware.gr (http://www.peopleware.gr/convivio.pdf) is in no way supported, endorsed, or precedent to the quadpod system.


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